Dec 3, 2010

The diaper bandit returns as the pull up bandit!

The diaper bandit has returned as a pull up bandit!
Allow me to explain. A little over a year ago Isabella decided to remove her diapers during her nap and at night. She would of course then pee everywhere in her crib, forcing me to clean her and her sheets twice a day. As you can imagine, this got very frustrating and annoying. We started putting duct tape on her diapers and putting on her pj's backwards so we didn’t have to deal with this.
Fast forward a year and now she is almost potty trained. She stays dry during the day, but not at night.  My little girl took off her pull up and panties and put her jeans back on during her nap yesterday. When I asked her why she took her jeans off she said “my jeans are on my butt.” I guess she just wanted the feeling of her jeans on her bottom.
This morning it was official, my diaper bandit has morphed into a pull up bandit. Her pj's are on, but the pull up is on the floor. (Groan sigh, groan again) Now in addition to getting three kids out the door for a doctor’s appt this morning, I got to wash sheets and give Isabella a bath. I need someone to tell her that if she doesn’t want to wear a pull up, she must hold it! And what do I have to look forward to one day? Potty training times two. Just kill me now and put me out of my misery.

Ahhh memories of my diaper bandit!

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  1. We definitely had to do the duct tape thing with the twins for awhile too! And as for potty training the twins, you may get "lucky" like me and only have to potty train one at a time because one of them will behave as if the potty is going to eat them if they so much as go into the bathroom. So yeah, potty training is going just great! lol


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