Dec 29, 2010

Dinner Time Timeout

I'm pretty sure since the beginning of time, dinner has been the time for meltdowns. As soon as the food prepping begins, my kids need mommy. I really can't figure this one out and it makes dinner a hassle. You haven't cooked dinner until you've done it with a kid on your hip the whole time. This is one of the reasons I love my crock pot. Tonight I made dinner in the Crock Pot and just as we were sitting down, the twins lose it. I'm not surprised since they decided not to nap today. Well there are times when my kids will not calm down at dinner, but they need to eat. So we do this and it calms them down.

I know it looks mean to turn them away from the table, but it totally works. They look at themselves in the sliding glass door and and eat without screaming. And really isn't that the whole goal of dinner anyway? Plus it keeps their parents sane. For those of you without kiddos you probably think we are horrible parents, but one day you might just understand.

By the way, I made dinner from the cookbook on this post. It has lots of great recipes and I will be using it again tomorrow night.


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