Dec 30, 2010

Hairy Son vs Bald Daughters

Isabella was one seriously bald baby. Not one single strand of hair on her little bald head at 18 months. And maybe only 3 strands at two years old. I'm not exaggerating here is a picture of my little baldy at 17 months.

So when I was pregnant with the twins the first baby's sex to be identified was Mark. I said in the ultrasound appt. that he would be the kid that has all the hair since Isabella still didn't have any hair. Boy was I right! Isabella finally got enough hair to put into two tiny little pigtails this November, she will be 3 in February. Molly doesn't have any hair at 13 months, and Mark got his first haircut yesterday.

Here is the first snip!

He was so good sitting in the chair. He sat in my lap and didn't cry at all. He was such a happy little guy getting his haircut. And while I knew he needed a haircut, I was sad to see his babyness (yes, I did just create a word) leave him. I walked in with a baby and left with a little boy. How a can kid grow up during a 2 minute haircut?

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  1. I felt exactly the same way after Ky's first haircut! And Ace has plenty of hair now, but Ky had more hair than her from birth to 18 months.
    Mark looks studly! ;)


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