Dec 16, 2010

I need time for a nervous breakdown

I really need to schedule a nervous breakdown. Only a mom would say something so ridiculous. But really today I thought I was going to have one by 11:30am, allow me to explain.

I woke up before the kids so I could be dressed and ready to go before the kids woke up. We were going to get Molly's 1st Birthday pictures retaken and we had to get out of the house fairly early. Experience has taught me that this goes better if I'm ready before them.

I get Belly up and of course she has diarrhea in her pull up. This is a new move that is ticking me off. On a side note, Isabella always has diarrhea after being sick, regardless of the illness. We all have breakfast and I get the kiddos all dressed and out the door. Everything is going great we get to Target and they are actually on time and ready to take her picture. Well the little stinker didn't smile, but she wasn't screaming so I called it a win. I even got a great picture of the twins together! The excitement ended there when I smelled poop as I was paying.

Isabella pooped in her pull up, only it didn't stay in there. It went everywhere! Of course I don't have any spare clothes for her or the diaper bag with me. So it's off to the car to get cleaned up! As we are driving home you can smell the diarrhea clothes the whole way home. It's now 10:30am.

Lunch is over and Molly is all kinds of stinky. I asked Belly if she needed to go potty. "Nope" OK, I'll change Molly and then put her on the potty.  As I'm changing Molly I hear Belly tell me she needs to go potty. Oh good she's telling me before hand this time. N
Haha not so fast mom, pee and diarrhea everywhere!!!!!! Globs of it fell on the floor as she walked down the hall to me. And what was the cherry on this crap cake? Mark and Molly found the original pile and were playing in it after I got Bells all cleaned up.

Just kill me now!

PS As I typed this, she did it again!!!!!! Four times before nap time???????


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