Dec 26, 2010

I'm Much too Young to be This Tired

I am exhausted!!!! We had a great Christmas morning with the kids and a very long day that I am way too young to be this tired over. I need to sleep for 2 days straight so I can feel rested again.

Isabella was so adorable on Christmas morning. As soon as we walked into her room she said "Merry Christmas Mommy and Daddy!" Ahhh she gets it! All she asked for from Santa was a candy cane, so she was over the moon that he brought her one. While she was very excited to get her choo choo train from Santa, he could have skipped it and just brought the candy cane. Somehow I doubt that this will ever be the case again.

Now with a house full of new toys the compulsive organizers got to work today after church. We have 2 trash bags full of toys and junk for our garage sale. This is because I'm a firm believer in getting rid of the old as you bring in the new. And every new toy now has a home. It was really hard on me to go to bed last night before organizing everything, but I resisted the urge. I'm glad I did since Isabella woke up at midnight with a fever and screaming from a nightmare. I wonder why I'm so tired????

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  1. I can empathize so so so very much!! I am constantly feeling so much older than I am!! 3 under 3 will do that to us!


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