Dec 28, 2010

Lied Museum

Today the kiddos, Grandma, and I went to Lied Discovery Children's Museum. Since we are members we only go for a hour or so each time. If you've ever been anywhere with 3 little kids, you know that this is the right amount of time to avoid meltdowns and tantrums.

So today I had help which is always nice. Isabella took her Grandma all over the place while I stayed in the baby area with the twins. M&M had a great time playing with all the shaking toys and cruising around. I didn't have to keep a 2 year old from running away from me the whole time which was very nice. At the very end we went into the new refugee camp exhibit. I didn't think Isabella would like it since it is geared towards much older kids. Boy was I wrong, she loved it! She pretended to cook and was "camping" and playing on the swing that she made. Who knew being a refugee could be fun for a kid?

While the message of the refugee camp was lost on her completely, I'm glad we went in there. She had a great time playing and using her imagination. It's fun watching my kids play in the exhibits and interact with the other kids. Even when a little boy pushed Isabella down on the airplane. My little girl didn't cry, she got up and sat in the pilot's seat and stuck her tongue out at him. That's my girl!


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