Dec 14, 2010

My Little Monkey

Day 5 and I am still sick with a cold that keeps getting worse as the days go by. This is why I prefer the stomach flu to a cold. Now in my pre-mommy life I had something called a sick day. I could call in some emergency sub plans and know that my partner in crime Fletch would cover for me if necessary. Now there is no such thing as calling in sick. And to make matters worse, my kids still need me for pretty much everything.

So this morning I was so tired that all I wanted to do was lie down on the couch and not move. Sorry kids, mommy doesn't have any energy today. I turned on Isabella's music and put all the kids in her room to play. Then I shut the door and let them play. And it was HEAVENLY!!! For a hour they played in there without coming out or calling for help. Can you say awesome? I went in to get them for lunch and this is what I found.

She said she was getting the barn down. By the way, she climbed up there and got down 4 toys before I caught her in the act. Also I really do feel like I'm a good mom because I ran and got the camera to capture the moment and then I disciplined her.

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  1. That is awesome! Glad you got some down time and praying you feel better!


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