Dec 8, 2010

My love Hate Relationship with Sierra Electic Services

I hear from people all the time how lucky I am that Brett owns his own business. Really??? What on earth makes you think that? Oh that’s right you have no idea what goes into owning your own business.
1.       The health insurance sucks. We pay high premiums, co pays, and have outrageous deductibles.
2.       Whenever something goes wrong, and something always does, guess who has to take care of it?
3.       Do you know how many vacations have been canceled or cut short due to the business?
4.       Money is either tight or flowing and there is no in between. None. Zero.
5.       When you clock out at the end of the day, the work ends. Sierra Electric had no clock out option. Please see number 3.
Now it’s not all bad, but I think so many people just assume you make your own hours and don’t have to answer to anyone. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Not only does he work longer hours than ever (most days are a min 12 hour day) he has a million people to answer to instead of one boss.
Even with all the downfalls to owning your own business, I know that he loves it. He is happier and more fulfilled than when he worked for Helix. I also think this is what is right for our family. Sierra Electric allows me to be a stay at home mom and that is the best perk of all!
Plus he gets to buy lots of cool toys. Here is a picture of our newest acquisition.


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