Dec 7, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Well the house is finally all decorated for Christmas, and now I have 3 weeks to stop my twins from climbing the Christmas tree. Knock on wood, but so far they are ignoring the tree. I’m wondering how long this will last. I was lucky with Isabella; I had a baby gate to block her from the tree. And to be honest with you I am convinced that they can hear this are now trying to decide how to best get to the top of the tree.
Part of my Christmas decorations is a Little People Nativity Set. It’s a really cute little toy that is a huge hit due to the fact that it is seen for 1 month a year. And by huge hit I do mean all three kids fight over this toy. So I look over this morning and Molly is chewing on the Angel while Mark is chewing on baby Jesus. Isabella comes over and says “no Mark, baby Jesus no food!” She took away Jesus and put him to sleep in the “barn.”  I tried to explain to her that babies chew on toys and that it was ok, but she said he couldn’t eat Jesus. Well how do you argue with that?


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