Dec 22, 2010

Diaper Rash Solved with Help From The Olden Days

"Back in the olden days" moms did things a little differently, including how to treat diaper rash. My mother in law says back in the olden days a lot and it cracks me up. She's referring to when she was a mom and that it might as well be a million years ago since so much has changed. What the doctor's and books told our parents' generation is very different from today. What's really funny is how many things changed between Isabella and Mark and Molly in all of 21 months. For example when to introduce nuts and what kind of milk the kiddos should drink.

So one of the things that my mom and mother in law tell me about the olden days is how to treat diaper rash. They have told me that they used corn starch in the diapers and put baking soda in the bath to make it go away. Now it's not like there wasn't any diaper cream way back in the olden days, they just used these methods too.

I feel like this is my life some days.

M&M have the worst diaper rash right now. And to make matters worse, they are pooping around the clock. (5 times a day EACH) So I decided to finally give the corn starch a try. I know that the baking soda works, but it takes a while. Well after one night with corn starch, their bottoms are much better. Hooray! So while so much has changed, some things are very much the same. And our parents were "green" before it was trendy.


  1. Excellent tip! How much did you put in, and did you just sprinkle it on top, or like rub it in or something?

  2. I just sprinkle some right on like baby powder. Molly's is almost gone after just a day and a half! Prescription diaper cream doesn't even work that fast!


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