Dec 9, 2010

Ride/Push Toys

When Isabella turned one she received a ride/push toy. This was an awesome toy for her. She walked behind it, played with all the toys, and eventually learned to ride it. I'm pretty sure that she played with this toy everyday for at least six months. I never would have thought that almost two years later she would still play with this toy.

Now that Mark and Molly have turned one, we have added another ride/push toy into the mix. Normally the kids all want to play with the same one. (Which is the main reason I haven't bought a third one.) Yesterday for the first time they decided to play together like three little adorable angels. So I got involved and let them race. I have a great video of this that refuses to load so pictures will have to capture the moment.

And they're off! Do you notice the cheater that kept creeping forward?

M&M pull out into an early lead!

Molly you put me into the tree! Reverse! Reverse! Oh wait you're one so you just keep pushing me farther into the tree. You've lost the race for us!

And Isabella learns how to take both toys for herself. I wonder how long this will last and will she teach the twins her mischievous ways?

1 comment:

  1. Oh, your kids haven't figured out how to use them like step-stools yet? That's when the fun really begins. (ugh.)


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