Dec 10, 2010

It's been worse than this

Today I woke up with about a million things on my to do list. One being to reshoot Molly’s 1st Birthday pictures since the little stinker screamed bloody murder the first time around.  I went into the twin’s room to get them up for breakfast and Molly has developed a horrible wheezing sound and cough. Awesome! I called the doctor and got an appointment and the nurse suggested that it might be RSV since it’s going around. RSV yeah I remember that disease, the one they scare the crap out of you about in the NICU.  This was a bad day to run out of coffee. Why does Starbucks refuse to deliver?
As I’m going through my morning very grouchy and sleepy, I remembered that this time last year the babies were in the hospital.  So like any mom who needs to feel better about her day, I looked at their calendars to see what was going on last year on December 10th. Molly was 3lbs 4oz and I held her kangaroo style for the first time. Mark was 3lbs 2 oz and he had a low temperature and we couldn’t hold him all day.  OK now my day is better.
I can't really remember how tiny they were. I look at the pictures and it takes my breath away. I took this picture almost one year ago to show just how small the babies were. This is Mark’s hand in mine at two weeks old.

This is Mark’s hand on mine today. Holy crap! This kid is five times his weight from a year ago. Molly is almost 6 times her weight. So the moral of the story is…..I’ve had much worse mornings and this too shall pass. Allegedly.  


  1. such a good reminder!!

  2. How wonderful to be able to see that difference first hand with photos! I'm sure you will treasure those pictures as long as you live!


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