Jan 4, 2011

The Bachelor, my Favorite Guilty Pleasure

The Bachelor is back! I am so excited as this show is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. There are so many reasons to love a show that requires no thinking and allows you to love and hate people. Here are mine.

  1. Did you miss the part about no thinking involved? I am so exhausted at the end of the day that I need a show that I can just veg to.
  2. There is always one crazy person that is oh so much fun to watch.
  3. Speaking of crazies, if you watch you know that some of  the women (and sometimes the men) think they are in love after 3 hours of knowing the bachelor/bachelorette. It cracks me up watching educated, grown women crying over a man that met just hours before.
  4. The dates are pretty awesome. I would fall in "love" in those amazing settings too.
  5. I don't know what it is about watching and rooting against a person that you love to hate, but it's fun! That one girl/guy that's there for the wrong reasons and makes sure America knows it makes the show much better. It must be why they are sure to cast said character every season.
  6. Brett and I watch together and make fun of people all season long. It's fun for us, and yes he may kill me for putting it out there that he watches with me. Before you take his man card away from him, you should know that I watch almost every Angel game with him. Do you know how many baseball games are in a season? It's called a TV marriage compromise my friends.
Now I should say that The Bachelorette is a little better due to the guys super high competitive natures. I would have never thought that a show could get men to fight over a woman they hardly know. But they did, and for that I couldn't be more grateful!


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