Jan 5, 2011

A Bra for Mark

As you well know by now if you read my posts regularly, my kiddos get into things very quickly. I'm aware that most kids have this same ability to get into something the second you turn your back. It just seems like mine have a special knack for getting into trouble. Well yesterday I have the nerve to think I could go to the bathroom for 1 minute and everything would be OK. Ha! I came out of the bathroom to find this scene.

I like that none of the kiddos were willing to make eye contact in this picture.

While I was in the bathroom I could hear Isabella say "one for Molly, one for Mark, and one for me." Well I could be upset that she got into my bra drawer, the glass half empty approach. Or I could think of it as the glass half full, look at what a great job she did sharing! This is too funny, so I'll go with glass half full.


  1. OH MY! That is hysterical! I especially love the "tennis ball yellow" one! ;)

  2. Oh my gosh! What a great picture and memories! Love it! Oh yeah and nice bras...quite the selection there. LOL


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