Jan 10, 2011

Burning Calories

So how are everyone's resolutions going so far this year? As I said before, mine have nothing to do with eating right and exercising. But for those of you who made such resolutions I thought I would help you out. Now it is hard to work up the energy to work up a sweat sometimes. But you're burning calories without realizing it. So next time you don’t have time for a workout you can do some household work and maybe feel a little better about yourself. All activities are based on 30 minutes.

Jogging - 223 calories

Washing dishes - 71
Cooking - 84
Hair Styling - 84
Carrying an infant - 118 (score, I'm normally carrying 2 half the time)
Walk/run play w/ kids - 126
Push stroller 1 child - 84 (score again)
Mopping - 143
Dancing  - 83
Housework - 92

Now I really feel like I’m not such a slacker for only working out once or twice a week. Look at the calories to be burned if I just took the time to fix my hair for 30 minutes! Now if you’re really looking for a fun way to burn some calories, sex burns 45 calories in 10 minutes. Maybe you can skip that morning job after all!

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  1. Hi Alison, thanks for visiting! We get tons and tons of snow in MN but the boys hate it! I dream of winter in NV!


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