Jan 27, 2011

Cross Dressing Twins

I am tired! That just might be the understatement of the year. I can say that with sincerity since we are only 27 days into the year. Now when you are tired you make mistakes. Mostly because you are not paying attention and you are distracted from being tired.

Notice anything wrong with this picture? Perhaps you do not know my twins well enough to tell them apart. Or perhaps you are tired too so you also didn't notice that I put Mark and Molly in the wrong pajamas. Yep, last night I put Mark in Molly's pajamas. I didn't realize this until after he was dressed. And no it wasn't the first time and no I kept him in the wrong pjs. Not only that, but I went ahead and put Molly in Mark's pajamas.

Why? Good question. I could have easily put on a pair of her pajamas. But since I own exactly enough pajamas to get me to my scheduled (yes scheduled you read that correctly) laundry day, I would run out of clean pajamas before Friday. This would mean that I would have to do laundry a day early. Doesn't it seem like a better idea to put Molly in Mark's pajamas now? Yep, I thought so too. And being the great Mommy that I am, I took a picture!


  1. They'll love that in about 15 years. Especially Mark.

  2. That's awesome! And even though I have g/g twins...some clothes just "belong" to a certain twin and it just looks funny if I mix it up. Thanks for stopping by my place! I'll be abck here for sure! It is fun to see someone with twins just a step ahead of my own!


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