Jan 13, 2011

Did you really just say that???

Brett and I are working very hard in training our kids. We want them to be polite without asking and follow our rules even outside the house. This is the goal of most parents, I know. Every now and then we see the fruits of our labor. One of our house rules is that shoes go by the door. By the way, it seems like the adults in our life have a harder time with this one than our 2 year old. So on Saturday we went to a birthday party and the conversation went like this.

Me-Isabella it's OK you can keep your shoes on.
Isabella-No mommy, shoes by door.

That's my girl, the rules apply at other people's homes too, thanks for reminding me. And today we had this conversation.

Me-Bells, where are Tiana's shoes? (The Princess and a Frog doll)
Isabella-By the door.
Me-Well go get them so her shoes don't get lost.
Me-It's OK for your doll to wear her shoes, she doesn't go outside. (Am I seriously having this conversation?)
Isabella-Nope, shoes by door.
Me-Isabella, go get Tiana's shoes. (before mommy loses her temper)
Isabella-OK (she said this while sighing)

Well the shoes by the door lesson is clearly ingrained in Isabella. Why couldn't sharing toys come first??

Notice that Mom won, her shoes are on!


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