Jan 28, 2011

Do you ever wonder?????

Do you ever wonder why................
  • kids get super quiet when they are being naughty?
  • the second you get on the phone your children become part demon?
  • kids will eat a chicken nugget, but not any other form of chicken?
  • bathtime quits being fun and becomes something on your to do list after childhood?
  • you clean the house, only to have is destroyed minutes later?
  • your child looks like her Daddy, but acts just like you? (CRAP)
  • kids wake up at the same time regardless of what time they went to bed?
Do you ever wonder how..................
  • a child's smile, kiss, or I love you hits your reset button so quickly?
  • you ever survived the endless months of getting up in the night with a baby (or two or three depending on your level of multiples)?
  • on earth a small child creates more laundry than a large adult?
  • your parents survived your childhood?
Do you ever wonder if..............
  • you'll have the answers to the hard questions one day?
  • you can walk the walk and talk the talk?
  • a child's tantrum would stop if you threw one of your own?
  • you really will go insane from the crying and tantrums?
  • everyone is right, you will look back on these days and miss them?
Or is it just me??? What do you wonder?


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