Jan 2, 2011

Flashlight Shenanigans

My kids are at a wonderful age where they will play by themselves for a while in their rooms. Normally this is a great thing and the time they spend in their room is uneventful. But there are times when they get into mischief. Mischief which is normally started by Isabella, who is taking her big sister/lead mischief maker role very seriously. For an example of this you can read my blog from December titled Monkey Child.
Another example of this occurred this week. All three kids were in Isabella’s room playing before dinner. Brett and I were talking and preparing dinner while we basked in the quiet but not too quiet. Because you know when it gets too quiet, they're up to no good. It wasn’t very long before I heard Isabella call for “Mooommmyyyyy” over and over again. Hmmm she’s not upset and no one is crying so I didn’t hurry. Parenting mistake #3,978 give or take a few. I came into her room and she had turned the light off, and she was sitting on top of her dresser. The babies were sitting on the floor, totally calm despite being in the dark. This is how the conversation went.
Me-Why are you on your dresser? (Can you hear my annoyance?)
Bells-I needed my flashlight. (She meant her nightlight that I keep in a basket on her dresser during the day)
Me-Why didn’t you just turn the light back on?
Bells-I wanted my flashlight. (She said this like duh mom.)
By the way, the nightlight was on the floor since she couldn’t figure out how to hold it and get herself down.  Now we keep trying to explain to her that she is not supposed to climb up her furniture just because she wants something. She doesn’t get this concept and looks at us like we are crazy. Why would I call you, when I can just climb up and get it myself???
This is how I picture the twins talking to each other while this all went down.
Molly- So Mark, do you think we should tell Isabella the flashlight is down here?
Mark- Nah, let’s see if she falls, that would be awesome!


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