Jan 25, 2011

I Naked

My lovely little daughter Isabella is quite the character. She does things that just crack me up and annoy me at the same time. It's a talent that most children have, I think. And this brings me to this morning.

I put the girls in Isabella's room so I could do Mark's therapy in the family room. I have to close them into a room so they stay out of our way. Now being the smart mother that I am, I check in to see how things are going. After about 15 minutes I go in and find Isabella naked. (By the way this is not very unusual in our house.)

Isabella-I naked! (at the top of her lungs by the way)
Me-Yes, I see that, why are you naked?
Isabella-I put pajambas on (pj's in case you don't speak Isabella)
Me-No Isabella, we need to put your clothes back on.

Now the little stinker was super cute during this exchange which made it difficult to be mad at her. Plus she put her clothes in the hamper. Really how can you be mad at her? So I helped her get dressed and went back into the family room with Mark. When we finished 10 minutes later, we went to join in on the fun. I opened the door, and you guessed it she was...................................... in her pajamas!

The kid took off her clothes and put them into the hamper. Then she put on a pull up and put on her pj's. Seriously! She got ready for bed at 10:30am! I couldn't help it, I just had to laugh!

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