Jan 14, 2011

Mark's Homecoming Day

It seems like so much longer than a year ago today that Mark came home from the hospital. So much has happened and our lives have changed so much. I knew the night before that Mark was most likely to come home with us, but you just never know.

Finally after 50 days in the NICU my little tough guy came home! It was a wonderful day finally having all my kiddos under my roof! And unlike Molly, we left the hospital without any drama.

Daddy and Mark waiting to leave.

He was so tiny. OK he still is pretty small, but really look at this tiny baby.

I'm still not sure why I needed a wheelchair since I left the hospital 45 days earlier.

We got home and we were very curious as to how Isabella would react because she was just beginning to warm up to Molly. For the first few days she wouldn't be in the same room as Molly. In the morning Isabella would come into the family room and look for Molly. If Molly was there, she would try to take her Grandma into her room to play. Just as she was getting used to the idea of another baby, we rocked her world by bringing home Mark.

 I think this picture sums up her opinion of her twin siblings perfectly! We finally got her to look at the camera, but she refused to smile. Mark's homecoming day is very special to me because it was the first time we felt like a real family. There is something very weird about having babies in the NICU. You're always asking a nurse about your babies progress because you are not there taking care of them. It almost felt like we were not parents because we were not taking care of our own children. Now we were home and acting like "real" parents for the first time in 50 days!

Tonight to celebrate we are having brownies for dessert. And unlike a year ago today, I will have two more ounces of energy and I will not be getting up twice in the night. What a difference a year makes right?

Update - A few days after Mark came home, Brett and I left the kids to run an errand. Isabella flipped out and cried for us not to leave. This was very unusual behavior for her. I'm convinced that she was terrified that we were bringing another baby home. Poor kid, she was only one and didn't understand.


  1. Congrats on the anniversary of that homecoming! Our twins' come-home anniversary was January 15 (the day of their second birthday party!). :)

    And that is funny that they gave you a wheelchair! Hahaha!!!

  2. LOL at Isabella in the family photo! What you just wrote sums up how I felt about bringing our boys home, and how I felt so much like I wasn't really their mama until they were home and safe in my arms. Thank you for writing this!


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