Jan 19, 2011

Mini Me

One of my favorite books to read to my kids is I Love You Stinky Face. It is such a cute story and Isabella loves it. Like most of her books, we both have it pretty much memorized. I've started reading the book to the twins and Mark gets a huge kick out of it as well. Molly doesn't like to sit still, so stories that are longer than 5 pages are a little difficult for her.

So last night I read them Stinky Face before bed. I have the twins on my lap and Isabella was sitting by my side. Mark likes to turn the pages and I let him since it's good for his therapy. And about half way through the book I realized that Isabella was acting just like me. (scary, I know) Every time he turned the page she would exclaim "great job Mark!" Now I don't do this after every page turned, but I do say it when we are doing his therapy.

After the story was over, Isabella took the book and began "reading to them." Now she didn't know every word, but it was pretty darn close. She was cracking me up because she sounded just like me. She used the mommy and kid voice that I use during stories. It was like looking at a mini me. It's moments like these that I realize/remember that she is watching and imitating me. (Yeah, super scary I know!)


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