Jan 6, 2011

Molly's Homecoming Day

Today is Molly's homecoming day. What is that? Today is the day that she FINALLY came home from the hospital! It was a day that I was beginning to suspect would never happen. It was so weird because my day started out like "normal." I got up at 6:30, showered and dressed. Got Bells up and got her dressed. I took her over to nanny Ash's house and arrived at the hospital at 8 when the NICU reopened. Yeah that was my normal routine last year. I exhausted just typing and remembering it.

Except on this day last year, the nurses said "Molly is going home today! Hurry up and watch the CPR video and bring in the car seat so we can make it official!" I was very surprised since they had told me it would probably be a few more days. I was so excited and a little sad to be leaving Mark alone.

Look at how tiny she was in her car seat :)

 Of course Bonars cannot do anything without drama so the whole hospital went on lock down when we were just about to leave. Can you picture the parents that want their daughters to meet and want to leave the hospital fast before the doctors change their minds? After 30 minutes we finally were able to leave. Brett of course drove so slow that we almost got run over on the freeway. We went to pick up Isabella and introduce her to her sister.

Now Isabella thought Molly was pretty cool until she realized that she was coming home with us. 

I love that we got this shot. She tried to refuse to come in with the new baby. It took a while to warm up to Molly. 

And I love the pouting over not being the only kiddo in Daddy's lap. All in all it was a great day and one that I plan to celebrate every year. Tonight I made some pudding for dessert to mark the occasion. Not a huge celebration, but since I never serve dessert it will be special. Happy Homecoming Day Molly!

After I posted this, I took a picture of Molly in her car seat on her one year homecoming. Holy cow, that kid has grown!


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  1. Oh wow! Look at the difference! I smiled like an idiot all through this post!


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