Jan 31, 2011

Nap Help Needed

My oldest is about to turn three and nap time is beginning to turn into a nightmare. She has a tough time going down and wants to sleep way late. I wake her up at 4 because I know if she keeps sleeping, she'll never fall asleep at night. But even with waking her up at 4, lately she has been fighting falling asleep at night. So I'm beginning to give in to the idea that maybe, just maybe she doesn't need a nap anymore.

Now add in the fact that I am about to transfer her to a toddler bed. (Please don't comment on how I should have done this a long time ago. The kid never crawled out, so I kept her confined and I'd do it again.) And I pretty much know that once she is no longer confined to her crib nap time is going to be more than challenging.

I have began giving her books to read so she at least rests on the days that she doesn't nap. But I'm out of ideas after that. So do any of the other mommies out there have any suggestions on how to keep a kid in bed to at least rest during nap time? Or what have you done to help your kids nap and still fall asleep at night? I would really appreciate the advice, thanks!


  1. I was actually reading today that kids should be kept in cribs until 3 anyways, since before that they lack the self discipline to stay confined in the imaginary boundaries of a big kid bed.

  2. My twins are only 15 months, so I can't speak from first hand experience. But, I have watched my good friend deal with this and she changed "nap" time to "crib" time. She has taught her daughter that for an hour (or however long you want) every day she goes in her crib. She can read, play with toys, nap (hopefully!), but she must stay in her crib quietly. For her, it was worked wonderfully. She even uses it as "quiet" time with her older daughter too.

  3. We have a quiet rest time. Caleb is in his room for at least 1.5 hours every day. He naps if he wants to or reads and plays quietly with blocks or cars. Another friend introduced this idea to me and she was more structured - having her son stay in his bed for the first 45 minutes where he could read, then the next 45 he could get down and play quietly in his room.

  4. Hi Allison, you are doing great with the kids. You are teaching them but I can also tell you don't lose your cool about the mess. I have 2 teenagers who are about to graduate and leave to college. They grow-up fast so continue enjoying your kids.

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  5. I have 2 year-old twins, and my son recently decided that the threat of a spanking (if he gets out of his bed at naptime) wasn't enough to keep him in his bed at naptime (sleep or quiet time...I don't care. I just need silence!). He would bang his toys on the walls, jump in his sister's bed and torture her, laughing all the while. Finally, we decided to try taking away his prized possessions-his cars- every time we had to go into their room. We had to take cars away for two days, and then he realized we meant it. So, today, when I laid them down for a nap, I told him, "If you get out of your bed, Mommy's going to take away your cars." Not a peep!


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