Jan 1, 2011

New Year Resolutions

I hear people say they don't make new year resolutions because they never keep them. Well I make them and try my best, but last year I did keep my resolution. I resolved not to have a single surgery in 2010, and I officially made it. Now this might seem like a strange resolution, but I had 3 surgeries in 2009. And I still had 2 babies in the NICU last year so it seemed like as good a resolution as any. Plus it didn't require any extra energy on my part either thinking it up or keeping it. Which is what I really need this last year.

This year I am going to make some resolutions that do require some effort on my part. No more easy way out this time.

1. I will not allow Mark's therapy to consume my every thought and daily plan anymore. I spent too many months obsessing over putting in 20 mins a day three times a day. Really???? It was too stressful and I missed alot of moments with my kids because I was watching the clock. This year, I'm going to do my best and try not to worry about the time spent doing his therapy and focus on his progress instead. As I am a severe type A, this will be difficult for me.

2. Date nights with Brett will continue every Friday. Unlike last year, we need to reschedule our date night when we have a Friday night conflict. We didn't have a single date night in December due to our crazy schedule.

I think these resolutions will make my life a little easier and less stressful. I know everyone wants to exercise more and eat healthier, but I'm more focused on my mental health this year. Besides, I already eat pretty healthy and chasing after 3 kids under 3 is good enough exercise.


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