Jan 11, 2011

"Oh my you have your hands full"

MOMs (mothers of multiples for those not in the know) will be very quick to tell you all the things they hate hearing from people about their kids. The list is long, since in today’s culture, people don’t realize that there are some things that are none of their business. The one that I don’t hate, but find very annoying is “wow you have your hands full!”  Um duh ya think?  I have 3 kids under 3! And by the way thanks for noticing that I have my hands full and yet still felt the need to stop me to comment, thus making my hands fuller.
Well I finally have a great come back to my most hated comment. Better to have my hands full than have my arms empty and my heart broken.  I cannot wait for my first opportunity to use this little gem. I imagine the reaction will go one of two ways.
1.       Annoyance-what you have the nerve to correct me that you feel like your family is a blessing?
2.       Oh that’s right this woman loves her children and they are a blessing in her life. 
Now I’m well aware that people mean well and don’t mean to annoy/offend me. But that knowledge doesn’t change the fact that I hate being stopped EVERYWHERE I go so a stranger can comment on my family. Especially in a store, seriously, I’m trying to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible! Didn’t you see the three kids under three?????


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