Jan 20, 2011

One Reason Why I Love Las Vegas

Now, I'm not a huge fan of living in Las Vegas most of the time. But even I have to admit that there are some major perks to living here. The weather in Las Vegas from October to May is a major perk. It's not all that cold here in the Winter and the Fall and Spring is wonderful. Even May isn't that hot. (for me at least) But then again, once it hits 105, I'm not willing to be outside for very long. Which means we don't go outside much in summer. Probably like the families that live where it is cold in the winter.

We went to the park today. The weather was beautiful and no one was wearing a jacket. Please notice that it is January. Seriously, how awesome is it that I was wearing a short sleeved shirt outside in January? We had a great time at the park. Illness has kept us inside most of the time since November, so it was our first time at the park since Thanksgiving.

I would like to share a tip on pushing 3 kids on the swings when there are only 2 swings in the park. Don't bother taking turns, put the twins in the same swing. Now this will only work if your twins are under 18 months. (Sorry but if your twins are older, you'll have to take turns.) Mark and Molly didn't really like the swing until I put them in together. I think they were too small and were flopping around too much. I hope this tip will be helpful to another MOM.

 Don't worry, we were the only family at the park so we weren't hogging the swings.

This might be my favorite picture of Molly in a while.


  1. How creative! I never would have thought to try that, thanks for the tip :)

  2. We used to put Ace and Ky in like that all the time when they were smaller and it was great! Glad you had a nice time at the park! I've been loving this weather too! :)


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