Jan 23, 2011

Question of the week

What keeps me awake at night? Well since I never sleep and suffer from insomnia, well everything.

Whenever I see a pregnant woman I can't help but think, ha better you than me. This is coming from someone that spent tens of thousands of dollars on IVF. But my twin pregnancy was so miserable that I am cured from ever wanting another child again. But I long for the days of pregnancy every now and then because it was the only time in my life that I could actually sleep.

Most of the time I'm awake because I just can't turn my mind off. I'm worrying about the kids or our business. Mark gives me more than enough to worry about before I add the other two kiddos into the mix. Here are some crazy things about my insomnia.
  • I really only sleep well in my bed.
  • I cannot have any distractions. No music, lights, kids, pets, or TV allowed. EVER! Yes my kids have never spent a night sleeping with me. And guess what? They are all alive and well.
  • It either takes me forever to fall asleep (think 3am) or I fall fast asleep only to wake up at 2am. And I never go back to sleep. 
  • I could have a PhD if I used my time awake wisely. But I choose to lay in bed trying to sleep. Hey, I'm exhausted!
Now you would think that having 3 kids under 3 would make me super tired and I would have no trouble sleeping. Nope it just makes me super tired. I average 4 hours of sleep a night. About twice a month I finally crash and sleep for 8 hours. Maybe one day I will be cured, but somehow I doubt it. My parents had to give me "night night" medicine when I was 2 so I would sleep.


  1. Hey, we could all have PhDs for the time we spend up at night! Here's hoping we get some great sleep soon.

  2. I totally understand. And it doesn't get any better. Actually I kin do like the quiet time at night. Even though I am extremely exhausted the nest day. bless you with all these little people. Mine are 12 , 23 and 23. Huge difference. have a great time blog hopping.

  3. Must run in the family. Same problem here. My mind will not shut up! You have my sympathy. At least you are young.


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