Jan 3, 2011

Snow Morning

Holy Cow it's snowing in Las Vegas! This morning I had to get up at 6am and get ready before the kiddos got up so I could be ready to take Isabella to her CCSD evaluation. Boy was I surprised when the sun finally came up to see snow falling! I was so bummed that I couldn't bundle up the kids and go outside and play in it. Instead I got to brave all the idiot drivers in Las Vegas.

It was fun to drive in the snow, something I have only done twice before in my lifetime. Isabella got a huge kick out of seeing the snow and so did her mom. Downtown was filled with huge snowflakes as we drove by. For those of you who live where it snows, you probably think we are really weird to get so excited at seeing snow. But here it snows only once or twice a year and it almost never sticks, so we act like little kids.

The weather man says it's going to snow again tomorrow. I really hope he's right so we can get our chance to play!


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