Jan 7, 2011

Stripping in Vegas

HA! Made you look! Alright, my little two year old is quite the stripper. Now don't get all excited that she is going to grow up to work at a gentleman's club. She just likes to get naked in the house and drive me crazy. This week she got naked Mon-Wed during her nap. I'm convinced that the only reason she stayed clothed during her nap yesterday was due to pure exhaustion. In fact on Monday, she didn't sleep during her nap because she was too busy taking her clothes off. Before dinner I went into her room to check on her since it was so quiet and I found this.

The little stinker was sleeping when she was supposed to be playing. I guess she was exhausted from all that adorable stripping she was doing during her nap.

So yesterday I put all 3 kiddos in Mark and Molly's room to play for a few minutes by themselves. I came in to check on them and saw Isabella's pants and pull up on the floor. Groan, sign, really???? Then I looked into the closet, because yes all three kids were in the sliding door closet, and I see that Isabella is dressed.
Yep, those are Molly's pjs. For the record, Isabella is a 3T and Molly is a 18 month. Here's how this conversation went.

Me-Isabella why are wearing Molly's jammies?
Isabella-I like Molly's jammies.
Me-You are not allowed to take your clothes off and get naked.
Isabella-I not naked, I wearing Molly's pajamas.
Me-OK well you're too big for Moll's jammies, let's take them off and get dressed.
Isabella-OK Mommy.

This will have me laughing for the rest of my life. I'm pretty sure that Molly cannot wear her pjs anymore now that Belly stretched them out but that's OK, they were hers to begin with! It's nap time right now, we'll see if she can manage to stay dressed today.


  1. Did she crawl out of her crib or was she just in there playing? She is funny!

  2. She was in her crib playing naked. And she did it again on Friday and Sunday.


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