Jan 22, 2011

Super Tired

I am super tired. This isn't anything new for me. In fact, I can't remember the last time I felt well rested. And that just might be the saddest sentence I have ever typed.

But the reality of having 3 kids under 3 is that I'm exhausted all the time. There is very little downtime in my day and there is always something to do. And I'm not talking about household work (cause that is a never ending battle) but just the daily work of taking care of 3 little kids. I find that the moments I enjoy most are when the kids and I are just playing and goofing off. But oddly enough, I find that running after 3 kids is tiring.

So I want to know from the other mommies out there, does it get any better? Will I always be this exhausted? It gets better when they go to school right? It gets easier when all my kids are out of diapers right? It gets easier when everyone can get a snack/drink without me preparing it for them right?  (Please notice that I AM begging you to lie to me if this is not the case.)

And if you have 3 little kids like me and you're not exhausted at the end of everyday, what is your secret?


  1. Oh man. I am so beyond exhausted at the end of everyday. And at the beginning. And in the middle. So unfortunately, I can't say much in terms of encouragement on this one, but I can say that I empathize whole-heartedly. Maybe we should all plan a Mom's Day Out one weekend. Maybe once Anina gets back. :)

  2. I does get better! I have 4 kids and in the summers 5, ages 12,10(summer kid), 8,6 and 3. I have for the most part been a stay at home mom.I know what you are feeling, sort of I do give it to you 3 kids 3 and under, yikes! Month by month you will notice it getting easier, especially if you start teaching them to become self sufficient. That was the hardest for me, because I could just do it quicker and more efficient than a child.

    Just wait till they get older, it gets more interesting. My son has already gotten in to fights protecting his sister on the play ground, and I don't even want to get starting on my 12 year old... She is in 7 grade :/ isn't that hwen we started hanging out?

    You seem to be doing a great job, keep it up. But also remember this and this is something from my mother in law, who had 6 kids, you will miss them young so enjoy it while you have them little. She is right.

  3. It does get better. You just have to hang in there. You'll look back and think how did I ever survive? There are even times I wish for just one more day to hear their little voices at that stage again. But notice I only wished for one day. ;)


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