Jan 18, 2011

What's in a name?

I have had a few people ask me about the name of my blog. And it’s always the same. What is a twingle mommy? A twingle mommy is a mom with a singleton and twins. I thought it would be funny to look on urban dictionary and see what they listed for twingle. I now understand the confusion. Enjoy the different descriptions of twingle!

A contraction of the words Twin and Single. A twin cylinder motor running a close firing order ignition timing that mimics a single cylinder motor to provide better traction. Most commonly used in reference to motorcycle flat track racing. Referred to as a "big bang" motor when used in reference to multi cylinder machines.
Dave's classic Triumph motorcycle flat track race bike was getting very poor traction last Saturday night so he changed the timing to a twingle.

Such a state of euphoria that your entire body has the feeling of being asleep, but doesn't hurt. It's like when your foot falls asleep but covers your entire body from head to toe, and doesn't hurt when you walk
 I couldn't believe that just holding hands with Megan
Fox could make me twingle.

To play with
He sat there twingleing her glakka

When an individual, usually a young pre-teen girl, decides to "save herself" for Edward Cullen, forgetting he is a fictional character. These individuals are usually found in groups, and can be heard screaming at the mere sight or mention of said fictional character.
That girl is just like everyone else, she's so hot for Edward she'll probably become a twingle for his sake.

A sensation in any part or multiple parts of the body that seems both a "twinge" and a "tingle", with a twinge being a mild, non-painful form of muscle cramp. The sensation is not caused by sudden injury, but may be caused by repetitive motion, or prolonged use to the point of fatigue.
While resting after my long hike, I felt a twingle in my
feet and ankles.

The slightly painful tingling, itching, arousing feeling felt in the balls when thinking about, watching, or hearing the "dog-in-a-tub" sexual maneuver being performed.
As I watched my roommate struggle while trying to perform the dog-in-a-tub move on his girlfriend while she moaned I felt a strange twingle in my loins before I forced myself back to work studying for my finals the next day.

That last one makes me debate for a second on changing my blog name. But just a second, I think most people get it.  If not, maybe I'll get hits from some sorely disappointed people.


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