Feb 4, 2011

The Different Mommy Moments

So I thought I would put a name to the different moments of motherhood.
  • Heart stretching moment-This is when your child does something so sweet and loving that your heart has to stretch fit the new love in it.
  • Oh crap moment-When the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and your mom intuition tells you that your kids are up to no good. This moment normally happens when they get too quiet.
  • Ahhhhhh moment-This is when your kids are finally asleep and you can have some quiet time.
  • Side splitting moment-When your kid does or says something so funny that you cry from laughing.
  • Angelic moment-When your kid gives you the smile or look that says "who me? No I would never do anything wrong." These looks are normally given in public or right after they do something wrong.
  •  Eye drooping moment-When you're so exhausted you can't even get the energy to open your eyes all the way. I think you outgrow this moment when your kids go to college. (THINK)
  • Hooky moment-This is when you get away from your kids and you feel like you're back in school playing hooky.
  • Delightful moment-When you are so proud of your child for doing what they are supposed to when no one is looking or asking.
So did I forget any of your moments???

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  1. Hi there, stopping by from M&M! Your children are adorable! I thunk you my have hit all the mommy moments on the head! I am the mother to 3 year old G/B twins. Hope you don't mind me following along. Feel free to visit my blog. Take care, Andrea


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