Feb 1, 2011

Disaster Area

My husband is still on nights this week, which changes how things operate around here. For one thing, I need to make our dinner during the day so all I have to do is throw it into the oven at night. So on the menu for tonight is chicken spaghetti which is a family favorite. Unfortunately, it takes a long time to prep-a little over a hour.

Well I didn't want to spend my whole naptime cooking ('cause that's when I blog and shower) so I made dinner before lunch. This left my little mischief makers to play with my back turned for over a hour. This is never a good idea. My house was quickly destroyed.

By the way, I really don't think this picture does the mess justice.

I took this picture after cleaning up for about five minutes. There were two chairs overturned and a bag of Lego's spilled where the clean spot is located. I have no idea how three little kiddos can make such a big mess. There was an equal mess in Isabella's room.

It only took 15 minutes to clean up this lovely mess. And yes that is Isabella cleaning up her giant mess in the corner of the picture. What you think I was going to clean it up? Yeah right! Like I already tell them, I didn't make the mess and I'm not cleaning it up. But I do help as in "put your Lego's away" and "now put away your train." I really thought making her clean up her own mess would stop her from making a big mess. I just love being proved wrong by my kids.


  1. Following from the hops. This is what my daughter turns my house into everyday lol. It's just a vicous cycle of making a huge mess cleaning it up before bed then same thing again the next day!

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  2. This is very similar to how my family room looks right now. I also shower during nap time.

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  3. Hilarious, and looks just like my house!!! :) new follower from blog hop... Stop over and see me sometime, thanks!



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