Feb 15, 2011

Late Night Pancake Chefs

I had great plans for my family's Valentine's Day breakfast. Brett gets up for work at 4:30. Now there is no way that I am getting up at 4 so he can have a special breakfast. (Sorry hon, I love you but you get up insanely early.) So my plan was to make some chocolate chip cookies and heart shaped pancakes after Brett went to bed Sunday night.

That night, Isabella decided that she had plans of her own. She didn't feel good and she couldn''t sleep. So I got her out of bed at 9 to help me make cookies and pancakes. Now for the snag in my plans. Did you know when your kids get a really bad diaper rash it helps to put baking soda in the bathwater? Well I do and apparently I used all my baking soda in the bath. So oops no cookies for us.

So like the go with the flow mom that I am, I decided to combine my goodies and make chocolate chip pancakes. Problem solved right? We had the best time making pancakes! She was so excited to be getting away with something. I swear the kid knew that we were doing something really special. She was giggling and cracking me up. I kept telling her to be quiet and she would say shhhhhh and then laugh hysterically. I'm really not sure how she didn't wake up the whole house.

This was one of my favorite moments with Isabella. I had such a great time with her making pancakes. It really is the simple, spontaneous things in life that are so meaningful. And even though we had to microwave the pancakes in the morning, everyone thought they were very tasty. Except me of course, who hates chocolate and skipped them all together.


  1. Such a cute story and way to go for the quick thinking, But you totally had me at you don't like chocolate??????

  2. what a sweet story & memory!!


  3. What a little sweetheart and yes it really is the little things. My kids are all grown up and when I ask them now about their memories its always something involving time and no money...if I only knew then lol!
    I am visiting and following from tag back Tuesday.

  4. That is so sweet!! I just love those special moments with my kids!!

  5. Too cute, I have those pajamas in big people size! New friend via gfc and workout bloghop, hope you'll follow back :)

  6. I love her pjs. Did you use a cookie cutter to get the pancakes into the heart shape.


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