Feb 2, 2011

Mom on Strike

I am on strike! I will be on strike until 3pm today. That coincidentally coincides with the end of the twins naptime. Mostly because I know that my 14 month old twins will not care if I'm on strike, they're going to need and want my care. Why am I on strike? Well if a picture is worth a thousand words allow me to show you part of my morning.

 Isabella in timeout-what could she have done?
Hmmm what is it that Molly is eating? And did you figure out who gave her the food? 

 Ahh it's candy corn. Good thing Mark was neat and clean eating it.

Now that you've seen the pictures I'll set the stage. I was doing the dishes while the kids were playing in Isabella's room. Now you know the moment where you realize your kids are up to no good. The hairs on the back of your neck are tingling and you have the "oh crap" thought.

I went down the hallway and heard the water running in the bathroom. This is never a good sign. I open the door and find Isabella handing out candy corn. Great!!!! I turned off the water and sent Isabella into timeout. I had to change Mark and Molly since their clothes were destroyed. By the way this was Mark's third outfit of the morning. I pulled Isabella out of timeout and tried to explain why she shouldn't have gotten the candy corn down. And what did she say?

Isabella-But mommy, I shared.
Me-Yes, but candy corn is only for staying clean and dry (potty training tool)
Isabella-OK Mommy, I sorry, you forgive me, we OK

Well I'm so glad we are OK according to my 2 year old. I however am on strike. They have gotten into too much mischief this week for this Mommy! Things like this only seem to happen when Brett is working late/nights etc. Well no that's not true, it's that I don't have the patience to deal with their shenanigans. And right after I cleaned up the mess we ate lunch. Mark took a big sip of milk and spit it on the floor. Lucky for me, I had my camera ready!
Little stinker!! Now that I'm looking at these pictures just hours after it happened, I'm laughing.
My kids really are funny sometimes.


  1. I love you, Allison. Your posts give me such a sense of validation sometimes. And if it makes you feel any better, Ky has done the same thing and worse! But just like you, I look back on it now and have to giggle a little.

  2. allison as I read this mine is walking around holding her cup by her teeth. It might just be mischief week.


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