Feb 21, 2011

Mommy Anniversay

Yesterday was my 3 year anniversary of becoming a mommy. Holy cow! How on earth has it been three years already? Where did this big kid come from? And by the way if you had told me then that I would have three kids by now I would have laughed my butt off.

So it is a little bittersweet that my Belly turned 3. I'll tackle the sweet part first......
  1. Pre-school starts in the Fall. I am super excited about this!
  2. She has a huge personality that is really starting to come out.
  3. She is getting more independent. She can dress herself, put away clothes and toys, clear her dishes, and drink from any cup, and go potty by herself. There are more, but those are the ones I'm most excited about.
  4. She loves to play with Molly and pretend. Super cute!
  5. She is a big girl, but still loves to cuddle under a blanket with mommy and watch TV.
Now for some of the bitter....
  1. Kid you're 3 are you ever going to eat meat? And hot dogs and chicken nuggets don't count. Will this phase ever end???????
  2. She has a huge personality that is really starting to come out. (Yep it's good/bad kind of thing)
  3. She's starting to give up naps. Noooooooo mommy needs her time.
  4. She is getting worse in regards to sharing toys.
  5. I can no longer say that I have 3 kids under 3. Darn!!! Because 3 kids under 4 just doesn't sound quite as good as 3 under 3.


  1. Haha! I was disappointed about losing the ability to say I had 3 under 3 too!

  2. Happy Birthday Isabella! As you know mine just turned 3 too. It was hard on me because really they are no longer babies! Love your pros list, but I wish mine were doing some of those too!


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