Feb 5, 2011

My Love Affair with Costco

I've heard people say that they hate Costco. WHAT? WHY? I cannot figure out what there is to hate. Costco is one of my favorite stores. My love affair begins right when I arrive with the cart. Oh the Costco cart, how I love you. All my kids in one cart heavenly! There is no need to push one cart and pull another behind me like I do in all the other stores.

Now I ask you, where else can you buy jeans, tires, wine, and milk in the same spot? So that's my second reason to love Costco. If you need to pick up a birthday present and some milk you can go to one store. What is better than that for a busy mom?

Next, rebate checks. That's right they send me check at the end of the year just for shopping in their store.

Finally I have a semi large family. We go through grocery staples in large numbers. In a month we go through 12 gallons of milk, 5 dozen eggs, 24 pounds of bananas, and roughly 275 diapers. These items purchased in bulk are cheaper and keep me from running to the store all the time. By the way, these numbers scare me since my kids are under 3 years old. They are going to eat me out of house and home!!!!

So did I convert any Costco haters out there??????

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  1. We don't have costco's in OK. We have Sam's Club.....I personally like Costco better. My Aunt lives in TX, so I have been there with her. I do agree that the one stop shopping is great! The fresh produce is always great too! Wow...24 pounds of bananas! That is awesome! I am sure you have no complaints in that department! Have a great Sunday!


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