Feb 24, 2011

No More Speech

Today is Belly's last speech therapy appointment. And even though she hasn't needed speech for a few months, I'm kinda sad to have her last appointment. She loves going to speech and loves her teacher. Add to my mommy guilt she cried this morning when I told her today would be her last day going. She quickly informed me that she needed Ms. Jenny and looooooved her sooooo much. Needed her??? Wow you can pour on the quilt like a pro kid.

I also love taking her to speech. It's something that the two of us do alone (quite the treat around this house). Daddy takes her sometimes too, but for the most part, I have always taken her. We stop and get a cherry limeaid on the way (thanks Sonic happy hour) and sometimes Mommy adds in fries. It just became a special mommy/daughter moment that I'm really going to miss. Plus, she's so stinkin' cute at speech. She actually loves working on her sounds!

So I really think I need to figure out something the two of us can do together on a semi regular basis to replace speech. I like having special time with just her. I think this is the dilemma of all moms that have more than one child, how to spend one on one time with each of your kids?

So what do you do with your kids to have one on one time??


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