Feb 13, 2011

Question of the Week

How did you meet your Valentine?

Brett and I met at a bar. I know your mother always told you that you would never meet a nice man at a bar. Well mine was wrong at least.

We were both there with a few mutual friends. For those of you who don't know Brett, he is painfully shy. He of course never talked to me the night we met. Instead he stared at me all night. Now for the part of the story that I will omit to my kids for a few years, he was very drunk. So he thought he was being sly looking at me, when in fact he was not. At one point, he fell off his bar stool checking me out as I walked to the bathroom. Seriously, not sly.

I was less than impressed with Brett that night. I kinda thought he was a jerk for staring at me all night and not at my face the whole time by the way. So when I ran into him at another bar the next night (ah to be 23 again) he decided to actually talk to me. It was then that I decided that he was a nice enough guy to give him my phone number. And the rest as they say is history.


  1. Hahaha! I love that he fell off his chair looking at you. Classic!

  2. Now that's a great story! I'll second Safire's comment!

  3. I heard that too, but you have clearly proved people wrong. I had to laugh when reading he fell off the stool, I can imagine that's been a talking point for a while!!

    CJ xx


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