Feb 11, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Yesterday we had Isabella's evaluation at Child Find to see if she would get free preschool. The meeting was at 1 and interfered with all three kid's naptime. By the way since she no longer has a speech delay, I knew she wouldn't qualify but it was good to get a baseline of her skills. The kiddos did really good, all things considered.

When we got home I told Isabella that she needed to play quietly in her room. I didn't bother trying to nap since she had to leave for speech in a hour. But I needed some quiet time so I didn't lose my mind after the awful challenging morning we had. It got a little too quiet in there for my taste, so I went in and saw this.....

I love that she got her self in "bed" to take this little cat nap. I wonder what the thought process was behind this set up. Did she really get so tired that she decided to tuck herself and Elmo into bed? Or was she reading and fell asleep? I'll never know, but it sure is cute. 


  1. That is so cute!

    Dawson falls asleep on the floor all the time. So much so that now the twins will cover him with a blanket and carefully place a little pillow under his head when it happens. I think it's the sweetest thing they do for their baby brother. :)

  2. What a cutie pie! And so independent!

  3. Thanks for following me- Im returning the favor. I loved visiting your blog and found your layout to be adorable!

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    I love it when my sons do that. The other day, I looked and one was asleep in his high chair still holding his spoon.



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