Mar 18, 2011

Bathtime Sillyness

When I was a kid my Dad and siblings and I had a squerker club. (As this is a make up name, I tried my best with the spelling.) This was our special time with our Dad on weekend mornings. My Dad would make us waffles with a very special waffle makers. If you overpoured the batter it would cook little drops of batter that my Dad called squerkers. I don't know why but those squerkers were the best part of breakfast. Overtime a "club" was created and this is one of my favorite memories with my Dad.

And now I'm a parent and Brett and I are trying to create new traditions with our kids. Brett handles bath time at this house most nights. He has finally embraced the moment and has started making it fun. He puts bubbles in the tub and changes the water color regularly. For some reason, these simple changes make bath time more fun for the kiddos.

Not only has he started having more fun with the bubbles, but he gave the kids bath time nicknames.
Molly is Captain Molly Bubble Beard
Mark is Sargent Bubble Face
Isabella is Lieutenant Bubble Feet

I'm not sure why only Molly has her name in her nickname, but I go with it. So they act like pirates in the tub and have a great time together. And don't call Isabella by anything other than her nickname in the tub, she gets very upset. (As I learned last night when I did bath duty.)

I just love that he is creating a fun memory for them! I don't know how long this phase will last, but I wonder if it will be one of the things that they remember from childhood like I do with the squerker club. I sure hope so!


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  4. That is super cute- both your memory of your dad and the memories your husband is creating for your little ones!

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  6. what a fun the nicknames!

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