Mar 20, 2011

Cinnamon Burst Cheerios Review

When I was growing up my mom didn’t allow us to eat sugar cereal. This left very few options in the morning and I always wanted to try the “kid” stuff.  But now that I’m an adult, I am practicing my mom’s method to my kids. What can I say? I don’t want my kids to start their day with a bowl full of sugar either.  But my kids get very bored with their cereal. So I decided to try something new this week to jump start our taste buds.
Enter Cinnamon Burst Cheerios into my breakfast bowl!  Where has this wonderful cereal been all my life? It tastes like dessert in the morning without any of the guilt. And it really is bursting with cinnamon flavor. Someone over at General Mills is my new hero.  I’m not kidding when I say that it is my new favorite cereal.
Here are few facts about Cinnamon Burst Cheerios. There are 110 calories per serving and each serving has 20% of your daily fiber. There is no saturated fat and they are naturally cholesterol free. Cheerios are made with whole grains and contain 12 vitamins and minerals. These facts add up to a healthy beginning to your day. One that I can feel good about giving my kids and eating it myself too!
So do yourself a favor and go buy a box of this delicious cereal. If you don’t love it, I’m sorry but you’re weird. Now the only problem with my discovery, the box is already empty and I bought it on Monday. Hmmm, I wonder if Costco could come to the rescue with this problem.
This review was written by me and is not published anywhere and not copyrighted in any manner. I was not paid for my review nor did I receive the product for free.


  1. Oh I could cry! These sound like a little piece of heaven in a bowl! We get such boring cereals over here, on the odd occassion I can find Lucky Charms .....£9.00 a box, I weep over every bowl knowing the box is almost empty!

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  3. Those sound yummy! We'll have to try them out. Oh, and I'm certain they'll be gone in a day or two if all the kids and my husband like them! :)

  4. Yum. Cinnamon.. I'd love that. Thanks for the review! I found you through the sunday hops and now I'm following. You can find me at

  5. I may have to stop by the store and grab a box!
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  10. My boyfriend picked up a box of those Cheerios and they lasted a whole 3 meals at our house. Yummy!! My mom was the same way, but how cool is it that there's a sweet tasting good for your cereal??


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