Mar 11, 2011

Friday Confessional

I'm linking up again for Friday Confessional.
I confess....
I've been sick this week and I am a big baby when I'm sick. To add insult to injury, my allergies are acting up as well and Isabella caught my cold too.
I confess....
I started to get sick on Wednesday and since then I've been letting my 3 year old watch a lot of TV. And I'm too tired and sick to care.
I confess....
Today Molly slipped in some spilled water in the kitchen. She slipped like a cartoon character on a banana peel, and I couldn't help but laugh at her. It was so funny and she wasn't hurt so I'm not as bad of a mom as I sound. In fact I'm laughing at the memory of it right now.

I confess....
I let my daughter wear her fancy Christmas/Easter dressed anytime she wants to. I figure we can fight the battles that matter and she should wear them more than once. Today she is wearing her Christmas Eve dress and she looks pretty darn cute.

I confess....
We bought a hamper for all the balls my kids have. Today Isabella decided they should play in it. To get out she called for help in Spanish (Thanks Diego!) even though she can get herself out without help. After a few minutes of this, she got her siblings in on the action. This is the best use of the hamper yet. But it eventually ticked off the twins because they wanted out and big sister had her own agenda.

Notice the fancy dress?

In confess....
We haven't left the house since Tuesday due to illness and we are getting a little stir crazy. OK fine, a lot stir crazy. I really need to feel better tomorrow.


Happy Friday! What do you confess? Link up and play along!


  1. I confess....that I'm a bit jealous that you have wood floors in your home while I'm stuck with the same stock carpet that came with our home when we bough it back in 2001.

    I confess....that I've laughed a few times myself when our kids take a tumble ;)

    I confess....that I just found your blog and signed up as your new follower!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. hehe, I love it! There are times where I kind of want to put on one of my fancy dresses I've only worn once and just lounge around the house. I commend her fashion forward thinking. ;-)

  3. I love your view on your daughters fancy dress! She will remember that as an adult and love you for it. Very good advice to a parent--pick the battles that are REALLY important.

    :)Happy Friday!

  4. I confess i'm not the greatest cheerleader when it is cold outside but I try.

    Just stopped in from tips 4 green hop. I've been a follower for a bit now but thought i'd share some comment love. I like the confession game = fun. & while I was here I entered your giveaway. Thanks

  5. Love your blog! Found you on the IHM Blog Hop! Following you via GFC!

  6. I confess that I giggled about the banana slipping incident as I read it too. :)

    I really hope you feel better soon!!

  7. I was just thinking today that my girl has so many cute outfits that she only wore once... what am I saving them for? She will outgrow them before given the opportunity to wear them again!

  8. Get it all out! It'll make you feel better. TV on occassion isn't hurting anyone. I'm a new GFC follower from Explore, Play and Learn.

  9. Happy Sunday, Hope you had a great weekend.
    Stopping by to say Hi from Sunday Blog Hops
    What a cute blog

  10. Getting in the hamper is TOO cute!

  11. I love all your confessions and pictures.
    I confess that my girls get to watch to much tv on days when I feel sick and I don't even feel bad about it.
    I confess that I too laugh when my kids fall.
    I confess that I too have a soft spot for "that look" of my youngest one.
    I confess that I too let my kids wear their special occation dresses at least once a week. I found Sundays to be the best for no other day is more special than the day we can just hang out together and wear or pretty dresses.
    I confess that I too have a laundry basket just like that for our stuffed animals. Love it :)
    Found you at Eisy Morgan. Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

  12. Blog hopping! I'm your new follower and would love a follow back! Thanks!

  13. Following you from the hop!
    Awesome blog :-)
    I'm your newest follower with GFC!
    You can reach me over at:

  14. once my daughter did this crazy slooooow motion scooby doo legs fall and all i could do was laugh. it took me forever to compose myself so i could check on it.

    I am so very late visiting everyone.

    This seems to be something I say a lot.

    PLEASE forgive the drive by comment!

    I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your participation in the Friday Confessional linky party.


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