Mar 24, 2011

Hated Expressions

We all have expressions that we hate to hear. You know the ones that make you cringe. If you have a sarcastic husband like mine, he'll use them at times to annoy you. Isn't that special? So here are some of my most hated expressions and my reasoning.

  1. "My bad." This one has been annoying me since I was in high school. And since Brett knows it annoys me, he still uses it even though the rest of the world has let it go!
  2. "I feel bad, but...." No you don't! If you truly felt bad you wouldn't be doing it. So you're only saying that you feel bad because you feel guilty and you know what you're doing is wrong/hurtful/selfish. Really you can insert any adjective as to why you're justifying your behavior.
  3. "I need you to give 110%." This is impossible. I can only give 100%. And it's overused and super annoying. By telling me that you want me to give 110% I have learned two things about you. 1. You don't get math. 2. You have unrealistic expectations on the world. (BTW Brett hates this expression too and I actually found a birthday card that used this expression as their punch line. Priceless!)
  4. "We're Qing". As in BBQ. This is just annoying!
I decided to make it short and sweet. So do these annoy you too? And what expressions do you hate to hear?


  1. I hate the word *whatever* -- so annoying and overused that if I had a quarter for everytime I heard it at home, work, and in life in general I would be filthy rich!
    Love your list -- and couldn't agree more!


  2. I'm a grammarian so it irks the heck out of me to see people butchering the English language. I can't stand it when they shorten phrases, like "def" or "whatev" and the whole gansta-speak is the bane of my very existence!

  3. I hate when people say "Just sayin" or "Just kidding" or Just joking" after they say something incredibly rude or hateful. This doesn't give you permission to say those things.

  4. I don't like it when people say "you know" all the time. Once a football player was intervjued on the radio and I swear he said "you know" at least twice in EACH sentence. Guess what... "I don't know!"


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