Mar 2, 2011

Insurance Rant

Now I would just like to say that I warned you in the title that this is a rant. A major screaming at the top of my lungs rant. If I could invent a font that expressed hatred, I would be using it right now. Note to self, is there a font to express hatred? Must check into this.

OK so being a single income family that is self employed, we have private insurance. If you don't have private insurance, thank your lucky stars now. No seriously, kiss someone you are very blessed. We pay a fortune every month and we have a $5,000 deductible EACH! Yep we are so lucky to get to pay the first $5,000. Lucky us right?

MY irritation with my crappy insurance company began on Monday. For Monday, I'll give you the cliff notes version. I needed to get a prescription and it was $80! I asked if there was a generic, yes there was. Oh good 'cause that's a $15 co-pay. Not so fast Allison, you have to get your doctor to write the generic for you. REALLY??? Great as it's 5:30pm that's not going to happen tonight. Thanks stupid insurance policy!

My irritation continued this morning at my kids well check. Being the brilliant parent that I am, I thought I would combine my kids well checks since they were only 1 week apart. Great plan. I got there 15 mins early to fill out Isabella's insurance paper work. Since she didn't go to the doctor since her 2 year well check her insurance info was out of date.

They took 30 minutes to verify my info!!!!!!!!

Then when I went to pay my co-pay, I realized that my darling (sarcasm since there isn't a sarcastic font yet either) husband took all my credit cards out of my wallet. Oh great! So I told them I would have to wait for him to get there with a card. Awesome since he was 30 minutes away. After they bumped me 4 appointments they said they would take a card over the phone. Thanks for not bumping me back up by the way.

Oh and if you're wondering why he took my credit cards, he "borrows" them and NEVER puts them back. But that is a rant for another day. Today I'm ranting about my insurance company.

Fast forward 1 1/2 hours later. I have three starving and tired kids and I explained to my doctor that my crappy insurance only cover $100 a year on shots. Yeah that's like 1 shot. So could I please get the State shots. (Which are free) This is what we did when we didn't have insurance. Long story short, no they can't give them to me since my insurance covers shots.

OK $100 for shot coverage for the year is not coverage. And the extra doesn't go against my deductible. This is total CRAP! So basically I'm paying a fortune for nothing but heart and head ache. Two and a half hours later we were on our way home with a mom so frustrated that she was in tears. And my tears further ticked me off so a vicious cycle was born.

Now who feels sorry for Brett? Because he gets to come home to a very ticked off wife. I kinda do so you can too.


  1. Oh I have had day like this! Hope tomorrow is better. I am following you on GFC as RambleSAHM!
    Come enter my purex giveaway!Only 10 so far.

  2. Oh, I am SO sorry Allison! I have seen those days full of frustration. Right now, we're actually still on the insurance plan from Shaun's last job since they told us that he would eventually get to go back to work there and then be able to gradually pay back the missed insurance payments. Well, that was over 6 months ago and it's really not looking like he'll be going back to work there. Now I'm scared to death that we're going to get stuck with this HUGE bill from them that we'll never be able to pay. :(

  3. That sounds awful. Absolutely awful.

    I am a new follower from Type A Thursday blog hop. Your blog is great. I appreciate your honesty.


  4. That's insane! What's the purpose of shot coverage if it's only $100. I mean, I'd take $100 over nothing but still. You're paying a truckload to be insured and doing the responsible thing and they won't give you the shots. Ugh! I'd be upset too. When I finally do post today it's going to be about my lovely insurance/doctors offices as well. It's always something with them and just makes for a stressful situation.

  5. And I thought our insurance was bad. I'm so sorry! I hate insurance (and husbands that take things out wallets!) I hope you have a better day tomorrow.


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