Mar 23, 2011

The Many Reasons why Chocolate Pudding is Great

I don't make dessert for my family very often. When I was growing up, we almost never had dessert, so it's just not part of my routine. Plus, and I think most moms will agree that getting dinner on the table is enough of a challenge for me most nights. However, yesterday I decided to make some chocolate pudding (instant thank you very much) with Isabella for dessert. And over the course of the day I realized that we need to make pudding more often, and here's why.
  1. I love "cooking" with Isabella. She gets so excited and we have a great time. She loves to stir food. When did cooking quit being fun and become a chore???
  3. Pudding is a great food for teaching babies how to use a spoon. Just plop the pudding on their trays and hand them a spoon. Since the pudding sticks to the spoon, it makes a great teaching food.
  4. Chocolate pudding tastes good and is sugar free, perfect dessert choice.
  5. Pudding gets all over the place. Just look a these sweet faces!

After dessert I had to wash their chair covers and hose off the chairs. It was well past time to give the chairs a good scrub so it was good timing.

 Last night's dinner was fun. We didn't really do anything drastically different, but we were all in a good mood and we really enjoyed ourselves. I think we need to have pudding more often. It's just the perfect dessert. Oh and did I mention that I hate chocolate and therefore I am not even a tiny bit tempted to eat it? See it is the perfect dessert


  1. Oh my gosh, what a mess! But I'm sure it was a tasty mess. :)

  2. Very sweet post - I used to make Vanilla.. There's something about brown pudding on the face and hands that kind of bothered Especially when my kids were still in diapers..
    Tonight my girls are making bread from scratch - they are teens and they love baking bread.. cake.. Now if I can get them excited about making meatloaf....
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  3. I'll have to make vanilla since I hate vanilla and won't be tempted to eat it! The chocolate would probably be gone before the kids could get their hands on it though. lol

  4. What cute pictures! I love cooking with my peapod. She's very helpful and reminds me of myself standing on a stool in the kitchen with my own mom. :)

  5. I'm your newest follower from welcome to the weekend hop. Hope you'll follow me back. :)

  6. Haha! Chocolate everywhere! So fun!


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