Mar 1, 2011

Mark's Progress

Mark had physical therapy yesterday and he is making great progress. When I think back to August when he was diagnosed and couldn't even reach for a toy yet, I'm just so proud of him. In seven months he has come so far. He can cruise the furniture, stand, crawl, and walk behind a push toy! And we are so blessed to have great doctors and therapist to help us along our journey.

So his homework for the next month is to start working on some independent standing. This is very difficult for him, even with support. My little guy doesn't like to do things if he doesn't feel confident. So to help him build up his confidence, we are standing him up against a wall to give him some support. The only problem that we have is that he thinks he should hug his mommy, not stand against the wall. Now what is the problem with that? How do I tell him that he can't hug mommy? It just seems so mean, but tough mommy is on the job so I do it.

I have learned alot about myself in the last 7 months. Mark is teaching me as much as I am teaching him. God is doing some really amazing things in our lives right now.


  1. Hey there! Thanks for joining the hop yesterday :)

  2. Poor guy! I think he'll get it in his own time. Do you think it's just his personality to be a cuddler and wait until he's confident?

  3. It's def. his personality to wait until he is confident. He doesn't do anything until he is 100% sure he will be successful. His PT noticed that right away.


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