Mar 22, 2011

No Nap Tuesday

Welcome to no nap Tuesday. One this day my children decided not to nap, much to my dismay. Don't they know I need my time to blog down time? Don't they know I have almost no patience at the end of the day when they choose not to nap? Oh they just told me that they don't care. So since I am blogging with three awake children, I thought I would share some of the funny things that have been said in my house lately.(Because I will not have a constant train of thought with them awake)

This morning Mark was fussing. And Isabella said "What's your beef jerky?" AWESOME!

I tell Isabella that she makes "quite a mess" sometimes. Last week after dinner she said "I made a quiet mess!" I'm not correcting that one, it's too cute.

I was trying to get Molly to say Mama and she kept saying Dada. Then I asked Isabella if she could say Super cala fragalistic expialidocious so she didn't feel left out. She looked a little confused and then said "Dada" Seriously, who says kids don't get sarcasm? I love that kid!

Molly does this excited scream with flexing her arms when she gets excited. I need to get this on video!

In a few months (or a year if they're like Bells) I will have 3 talking kiddos. It's about to get very loud and funny in my house!


  1. I feel your dismay! I have one twin still taking naps and the other screaming blue murder he doesn't need them! I'm trying to convince him he does, I would try going for a mid-day nap instead but goodness know what he would get up to!

    I find shooing them outside in the garden and getting them active is helping a little.

  2. Beef jerky! I love it!! I'm definitely going to use that one. Clever kid!

  3. I hate it when kids decide to boycott naps! I'd totally be on board for all the naps I could get and here they are taking a pass. I don't imagine your house is very quiet now with two talking babes, but a third is definitely going to add some more laughter too!


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