Mar 6, 2011

QOTW: Potty Training Help

I heard that potty training was difficult before I became a mom. Then I had quite possibly the world's most stubborn child and I discovered that potty training is going to rob me of at least five years of my life. My little Belly does not poop in the potty. The kid can hold her pee and doesn't have pee accidents for months now. However, she poops in her panties. EVERYDAY!!

It doesn't matter how often I put her on the potty or how much I try to time when she poops. She just holds it until she can't hold it anymore. SO now I can't time when she's going to poop. At nap time we put a pull up on her, if she hasn't pooped yet, she will almost immediately poop. But the odds are she'll poop no matter what, and I'm sick of cleaning sheets everyday so I continue to use pull ups during naps and at night.

She has a pooy potty chart with a promise of picking out a new toy when it's all filled out. It's half filled, but she hasn't gone poop in the potty in over a month! Also, she will get a Veggie Tale fruit snack pack if she poops in the potty. And that's the only time she will get them. Now she loves fruit snacks so you would think this would be a great incentive. Clearly it's not. Ugh!

So my question is: Will this ever stop? What can I do to help her poop in the potty? What did you do to get your kids to poop in the potty? OK that was a few questions, but this is beyond frustrating!


  1. Ya know, I was so lucky with Ky. Once we discovered the time of day he typically went #1, we put him on the potty and he picked it up pretty fast. We didn't really have to do anything for #2. He just got it on his own after a couple of months of just doing #1. Putting him in underwear all the time was what finally got him 100% trained (even overnight). Acacia, however, has been a NIGHTMARE when it comes to potty training. She still hates the potty and rarely even does #1, much less #2. She has a sticker chart, we've tried bribing her with everything under the sun, etc, etc. I'm going crazy! If nothing works by summer, I plan to just let her run around naked all the time and tell her that they don't make diapers in her size anymore so she'll either have to go or be dirty often. Ugh. Please tell me if you hear any new, good tips! Thanks!

  2. I too hope you get hope tips! I still have even tried hard with Molly or Luke. They just don't seem interested! I know I have to get started soon whether they want to or not. I get so embarrassed when a read blogs that their baby was potty trained at 2. I always said from the beginning I was going to wait until they showed interest in doing it, but at this rate I will be sending them to school in diapers! lol! Really not, since I am sure that is not an option. ;-) Anyways I hope she gets it soon.

    btw- I know what she is doing is very common. I have heard many talk about the same situation with #2. I totally can understand your frustration!

  3. Hi, I'm a new follower. I just started potty-training my 2 year old this week, so I don't have any advice to offer. I'm interested to hear what others have to say on the matter though!

  4. This is a tough one. Potty training is all about control. And sometimes, the kids use their bodies to control us. Crazy! It sounds like she CAN hold it until a specific time. I know with my daughter she held it forever, and then it was painful and she didn't want to go. Things were bad until I figured out her currency...toy cars. Every time she pooped in the potty, she got a toy car. (Those little match box ones.) For some reason, that worked when the stickers, the fruit snacks, the candy, didn't.

    Good luck with this! I know how frustrating it is!

  5. I had the SAME problem with mine! They had no 'wet' accidents, but would hold poo in until the end of the day when I put them in a pullup for bed. SOOOO frustrating. They said they were "scared" to poop on the potty. Sadly, want to know what worked? Not good parenting! It was total bribery. I got the girls a huge box of awesome toys and told them that every time they went poop on the potty, they could pick one out. It worked immediately on one. And her sister followed once she figured out she wouldn't get anything otherwise. :) I have potty-training tagged on my blog, if you want to check out our journey. I know how frustrating it can be! When we ran out of toys, they didn't revert (which I was afraid of) and didn't ask for more. They were proud to be 'big girls'.

  6. Oh, the joys of potty training! We're starting on the fun journey with my 3rd child this month. Hang in there--another month and you'll be onto a new fun stage. Janae


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